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171 Lakes at Litchfield Drive, Pawleys Island, SC 
Farmville 2005 Pawleys Island 2014 St. John 2014
Bucknell (1962)
Atlantic City (1964)(enlarge)
Farmville (2005)
St. John, USVI (2008)(enlarge)
Pawleys Island (2014)
St. John, USVI (2014)

Family Christmas 2005

Front row: David, Lou*, Catherine**, Billie***, Bob

Second Row:  Bethany
Back Row:  Joe, Mark, Mikey, Kate, Kyle, Tracy, John, Dylan, Megan, Dan, Luke, Zette

* deceased 2/17/06

** deceased 5/31/2012

*** deceased 7/5/2021

Our Family 2021:

Christmas 2021

Our Children and their families:

The Bristows
The Essers
Tracy, Kyle, Dylan and John Bristow
Joe, Kate, Mikey, Mark, Bethany, Helen (cousin from Germany), 
& David Esser


 Heritage Plantation
Our Tin-Can Trailer
Pawleys Island, SC

Where we live:

Aeriel View of Pawleys Island


The red pin is our home.  The Intracoastal Waterway (Waccamaw River) is at the upper left; the Atlantic Ocean at the lower right.

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